Liberty Mastermind


A collaborative online Dawson Study Club dedicated to Whole-health Functional Dental Medicine

Hello, my name is Lon Peckham and I am the humble facilitator of this exciting study club.  The name is very deliberate.  Liberty because I believe market forces are squeezing the healthcare industry and will continue to encroach on our freedom to practice comprehensive and whole-health dentistry unless we get much smarter about differentiating what we do from run-of-the-mill usual-and-customary practices.  Mastermind because I don't believe any of us, especially myself, have all the answers.  I'm not a guru, but I welcome the opportunity to facilitate a peer discussion about how we can improve both our practices and our practicing to best serve the health needs of our patients.

There is a cosmic shift currently taking place in dentistry – one so significant that I believe it is no exaggeration to say that dentistry, as you now know it, is coming to an end.  We are at a cross-roads; you are going to have to chose one way or the other.  And which path you chose will determine the destiny of your practice – will your position in the healthcare community continue to grow in significance and respect, or will you further regress into the “molar mechanic” status quo.  This change, or shift, in both attitude and focus is perhaps best described in Dr. Whit Wilkerson’s landmark book by the same name – The Shift.  Here’s how he summarizes this shift -

  • The Shift is a project, designed to guide the clinical implementation of  Integrative Dental Medicine.
  • The Shift is an effect, for those who receive the benefits of Integrative Dental Medicine philosophy of care.
  • The Shift is a scientific revolution, intentionally saving teeth, intentionally saving smiles, and intentionally saving lives through Integrative Dental Medicine.

If you are at all interested in joining this revolution, if you've already taken the plunge and are looking for fellow revolutionaries to support you, if you're not sure but want to learn more, give me a call.  I'd consider it a privilege to help in any way I can.


The Dawson Study Club Advantage

The Dawson Academy has long been at the forefront of comprehensive dental education.  Dr. Dawson literally wrote the book, and the academy he founded continues his legacy of excellence.  Aesthetics, occlusion, full-mouth rehabilitation, TMJ-D, there is no better place to learn and advance your understanding of comprehensive dentistry.  But, with the recent addition of the department of Integrative Dental Medicine led by Dr. DeWitt Wilkerson, TDA has reset the bar taking dental education to a whole new level.  And Dawson Academy Study Clubs are the best way to stay current and connected.  You can CLICK HERE to learn more about all the financial and content advantages of membership.


Who will benefit most from Liberty Mastermind membership

  • Any dentist wanting to advance the his/her knowledge and skills for implementing Whole-health Dental Medicine in his/her practice.
  • Any dentist interested in a convenient and economical source for state-of-the-art CE.
  • Any dentist for whom joining a local study club is not an option.
  • Any dentist looking for an excellent way to introduce a new associate to the concepts of comprehensive and whole-health dentistry.

Meeting Format

We meet virtually four times a year with time and date posted on the Dawson Academy website.  Each meeting will generally include -

  1. Q&A: Open dialog regarding member insights and queries.
  2. Case Reviews: Members are encouraged to present cases for planning, progress reporting, and completion analysis.
  3. Topic Presentation: Each meeting will include a member or guest presentation on a topic relevant to functional and integrative dentistry.

Meetings usually last from 2-3 hours depending on the level of participation.  Members are expected to have previously studied any background resources provided on the online study club library, as well as any self-study from the vast Dawson Academy Online Learning Portal needed to round out 24 hours of accredited CE provided with membership.  This can be on any topic the member finds relevant.

Audit Option

For those who do not need or desire CE credit, or who just want to check us out, we also offer an audit option.  You will not have access to any of the Dawson resources, but will receive any supplementary material that I or other members provide and will be able to fully participate in all of our meetings including case presentations, guest appearances, practice management, and functional dental medicine implementation round-tables.

Who Is Lon?

I'm just a regular dentist, a bit of a maverick, been doing this for over 30 years, and having too much fun to quit!  You can learn a little more about me on my personal website -  And you're welcome to contact me anytime with any questions.