Liberty Mastermind

Liberty Mastermind Guest Session

Hello, and thank-you for accepting our invitation to attend this sample session of the Dawson Academy's Liberty Mastermind virtual study club.  It is our hope that you will be so impressed that you will want to join as a continuing member.  But regardless, we are sure you will find these modules valuable for your practice.  In fact, you may want to view them with your staff as well.

In a convention local study club, we would be viewing these together and then brainstorming how we might want to implement the material into our own individual practices.  In this virtual format, you are responsible for viewing these on your own and then attending a 1-2 hour Zoom meeting where we review and do the brainstorming online.  These meeting are also recorded so you can review them later incase you had to miss or want to review the discussion at a later date.

As you will see, the bulk of the modules come from the Dawson Academy's library.  But Dr. Peckham, another member, or guest presenter usually brings some additional relevant material as well.

So please enjoy these modules, and be sure you have our next meeting blocked out on your calendar!


Please note:  These modules are all copywrited and access is granted by personal invitation only.  Please feel free to refer interested persons to Dr. Peckham or the Dawson Academy.  But DO NOT COPY OR SHARE ACCESS CREDENTIALS.

8 Steps to Inspire Your Team to Sell More Dentistry

Case Study: Anterior Wear, Posterior Interferences, and Sleep Apnea

Why Dentistry Fails

ACLM Conference: Remedying Health Care Disparities

In this study club we are interested in all aspects of successful Integrative Dental Medicine - predictable dental success, systemic health integration, and business health.  This excellent seminar on the current state-of-the-art in internal relationship based practice marketing is a great introduction &/or review of how leading comprehensive practices lay the foundation for that to occur.

In this module, Dr. John Cranham dives into the relationship between posterior interferences, anterior wear, and sleep apnea.  An excellent example of just one of the critical ways dental health and systemic health integrate.

One of the biggest barriers to the practice of comprehensive dentistry is case failure, or the fear of case failure.  In this module Dr. Leonard Hess explains how comprehensive diagnosis, along with four other key elements, can eliminate that fear and assure predictable success.  NOTE: He ends this module with an invitation to attend Functional Occlusion - From TMJ to Smile Design which incidentally is a complimentary bonus to study club membership, just one of the multiple benefits of joining a Dawson Study Club!

We all know that a healthy lifestyle is a vital key to systemic and oral health.  The problem is that precious few practitioners have successfully cracked the key to integrating lifestyle education into everyday practice.  In this recording from the 2020 American College of Lifestyle Medicine Scientific Session, four eminent doctors of color address how this failure lies at the heart of all chronic diseases and is the only way to address racial and economic healthcare disparities.  I look forward to exploring with you how we as dentists might better address this failure in our own practices.